Planet Earth 6 ply Himalaya 1125

Himalaya (#1125) Planet Earth 6 ply silk

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1125 Himalaya - a striking deep indigo-meets-purple

If you haven't embroidered with silk, you are in for a treat! Planet Earth's 6-ply silk sews with lovely glide through fabric. Silk showcases beautiful stitch definition and your finished piece will have a gorgeous sheen. I cannot compliment these threads enough - a tactile delight! A sumptuous thread to see, feel, and sew with. Each skein is 14 yards and the thread is divisible so you can stitch using 1 - 6 plys.

Silk is also a marvelous thread to mend with as it is the strongest natural fiber you can find. I've mended many sweater holes with strands of matching silk and because it can be less bulky than sweater thread, it's easy to make a nearly invisible mend if you desire. Since it is a natural fiber, any snipped threads can be composted.