About Us

Seed Stitch Studio was born in 2021, brought forth by a creative burst coupled with frustration. 

Just before the pandemic I rediscovered embroidery. I was taught to cross stitch by my grandmother but found the counting and the structure too limiting for me. Embroidery, on the other hand, was akin to drawing. And when I discovered I could use threads comprised of different materials (wool, silk, etc.), it started to feel more like painting or even sculpture.

The frustration came about during the pandemic when most of my shopping transitioned to online. Where were the thread shops with helpful, clear photos of threads? I was lucky to find many with photos at all. I suppose many folks purchase threads to coincide with a kit and in those instances, don’t need photos. But what about those of us who love to experiment and play? That’s when the idea started to take root.


When I got back into embroidery in earnest, I loved practicing new stitches. I still do - it’s very grounding. But few samplers offered the opportunity to practice stitches in a way that embraced embroidery the way I practice it - like drawing. So, I started by making my citrus samplers. I like them because they’re small enough to not feel overwhelming. I also wanted to be able to practice putting stitch patterns into oddly shaped areas, which is much more akin to how those stitches may be used in a “real” piece. I wanted to play with all the variations of color and materials I was discovering. And, I made six of these samplers because I think it’s fun to have options.

So that’s where I am today - slowly building up supplies to sell in my shop alongside my embroidery samplers. As of this writing, I’m not quite two month into it and I’m learning so much.

If you know me in real life, you likely know that I am always finding ways to lesson my ecological footprint. How this translates to my business is this: I am making a vow to not purchase any new plastic materials - whether it be shipping envelopes or bubble wrap, etc. - and I am going to find ways to reuse any packaging materials that come my way. So if you’ve bought something from my shop and it was shipped using any plastic materials, just know that those are upcycled and I encourage you to continue the reuse! I have sourced compostable cellophane bags for packing my samplers and other small supplies in. I’m attempting to make a lot of items in my studio in an effort to avoid unnecessary shipping. I personally recycle and compost obsessively and cannot fathom how my business would be able to reflect me without doing otherwise.

My biggest hope is that by discovering this space and tapping into your own artistry, you will feel fulfilled by the art you make. And perhaps generations from now, these heirlooms we make will delight the hearts of those who come after us.