A small beginning

This is an attempt to re-write my inaugural blog post from March 29th as in my stumbling around I seem to have deleted all active and pending blog posts. Just one of my (many) stumbles!

I sit here on a chilly and windy day in March. It's the second day of Derek Chauvin's trial - the former officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes. I mention this because whatever I can say about my little business pales in comparison to what is happening now in a Minneapolis courtroom and the collective wake up call to racial injustice for those of us who have had the luxury to ignore it for too long.

And yet, I proceed because art is important. Art can be meditative, communicative, political, beautiful....art can just be art and being art can be enough. Embroidery is art.

I took a watercolor class in college and the one nugget I have carried with me from that experience is the idea that mistakes are going to happen - there's no erasing or painting over watercolor paint. And because of this, we ought to follow these missteps and discover how to incorporate them and create a stronger, better work because of them. Isn't that a gorgeous shift in perspective? It makes me wonder if, particularly in this context, mistakes are nothing more than a deviation from the path you had assumed you would follow. 

I named my business Seed Stitch Studio in part because the seed stitch in embroidery is probably the most simple and foundational stitch. It’s a speck of a stitch. Yet so many variations spring from it. And when there are a bunch of seed stitches all together, no one stitch is more important than any other.

....just like us humans.

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